May 28, 2008

last day of magic

my ideal relationship.

May 26, 2008

Filing A Missing Person Report

The other night made me question what I'm doing with my life when crucified Jesus went M.I.A. from my rosary beads while it was wrapped around my wrist. I am not Catholic, that's for sure, but I do have some sort of Christian beliefs that makes me some what weary about the fact that Jesus LEFT ME. I think that may mean I may be going to Hell or he's just playing hide 'n seek somewhere in my car.

Hm... I guess I wear the rosary beads around my wrist as some sort of security/for comfort, even though I know it would not protect me from anything. Oh Jesus, please come back to me. I promise I'll be a good girl and not to sacrifice young virgins whenever I have you around my slender wrist...

May 24, 2008

Sedmikrasky (Daisies)

A Czech new wave film by Vera Chytilová, 1966.

This is probably one of my favorite films. It's so random and very cute.

Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?

A William Klein film, 1966.

It is a satirical art house movie spoofing the fashion world and its excesses. Polly Maggoo (Dorothy McGowan) is a fashion model in Paris, around the age of 20, on the runway at the big shows where magazine editor Miss Maxwell is the reigning opinion maker. Polly becomes the subject of a vapid TV news documentary, "Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?," and she's pursued by the filmmaker and by the prince of Borodine, a small country. We watch as the documentary is shot; we await Polly's arrival in the principate; we observe a lunch in the suburbs; we learn of her childhood in Brooklyn. Is there more to Polly than her pretty face? Is anything below the surface?

"McGowan, the Brooklyn-born star and one-time Vogue cover girl in 1962, was one of William Klein's favorite models. After the release of the film, which was McGowan's first and only film role, she disappeared from public view and apparently neither acted nor modeled again, according to Klein." (

May 17, 2008

the telescopes

"flying" 1992

pale saints

"half-life" 1990

"throwing back the apples" 1992


"taste" 1991

"chelsea girl" 1990

liquid sky

a new wave cult classic from 1980

thanks imdb;
"Invisible aliens in a tiny flying saucer come to Earth looking for heroin. They land on top of a New York apartment inhabited by a drug dealer and her female, androgynous, bisexual nymphomaniac lover, a fashion model. The aliens soon find the human pheromones created in the brain during orgasm preferable to heroin, and the model's casual sex partners begin to disappear. This increasingly bizarre scenario is observed by a lonely woman in the building across the street, a German scientist who is following the aliens, and an equally androgynous, drug-addicted male model. (Both models are played by Anne Carlisle, in a dual role.) Darkly funny and thoroughly weird."

May 15, 2008

old and random

Um, so does anyone remember this part from Suicide Club and how random it was to be in that movie? It made no sense what so ever, but still it was very entertain and well... dumb. The movie wasn't that good I have to say, but the opening scene was classic.

Here's the opening scene, which I found to be amazing and very comical.

spirits of the dead

Three excellent, well made short films inspired by Edgar Allan Poe stories directed by Federico Fellini, Roger Vadim, Louis Malle. I had the pleasure of seeing "Toby Dammit" in a theater. Oh, and I actually own this and it cost a pretty penny for this dvd. Unfortunately and weirdly enough, it's in French with English subtitles even though it's suppose to be in English and Italian. Eh, it was the only copy I could find at the time and it's still pretty amazing.
These three short films star Brigitte Bardot (the whipping scene is HOT), Alain Delon, Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, and Terence Stamp.

kids that destroy

oh, how cute.

"y-control" by yeah yeah yeahs

"hot ride' by prodigy

i would post "come to daddy" by aphex twin, but that song annoys me.

May 4, 2008

happy birthday audrey hepburn.

(well, if she was still alive, today would be her birthday)