September 18, 2008


The Egyptian Theatre - Hollywood, CA
Event: 9/20/08 at 6:30pm

Christopher Sandford, the author of Polanski: A Biography will be presenting and signing his book on Saturday, September 20th at 6:30pm. The event will be followed by a double feature screening of Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown. If you are in the neighborhood, this is a wonderful opportunity to catch the best films by the greatest and most controversial postmodern directors of our time.
A synopsis of Polanski: A biography: This dramatic account weaves together the rich and complex life of the celebrated and controversial film director, Holocaust survivor, and exile, based on a wealth of sources and new material. New revelations about Polanski’s life include: the connection between his mother’s death in Auschwitz and wife Sharon Tate’s murder by the Manson family-both women were pregnant. His radical transition from childhood poverty in a Krakow ghetto to a glamorous Hollywood life among socialites. The psychological complexity and central thread of sexuality that runs throughout his films and his relationships with younger women A culmination of tragedies in Polanski’s life, from the Holocaust to the Manson murders to his sexual assault charges and subsequent exile from the U.S. The unique humor of the “rascal genius” that keeps the world watching and awaiting his new projects.

The Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

September 15, 2008

if you didn't know by now...
yay! our economy is depleting rapidly!

September 13, 2008

to the lurkers...

stop bothering me. it's rather creepy and annoying.

September 12, 2008


"To see a beetle in your dream, indicates that some destructive influences may be at work in your waking life. You may also feel that your values and beliefs are being compromised."

September 8, 2008

"The Copenhagen Experience"

A fashion film trilogy by Mads Nørgaard.
I know I'm a little late with this, but whatever Freja is in it.



September 7, 2008

Future Fur by Bart Hess

"With a Hunt for Hightech Bart Hess made a collection of fake fur that touches on elements of fetishism, human instinct and new animal archetypes. With that collection he did not try to mimic real animal kingdoms but create a fantasy world of his own. The way this started was through the process of imagining fantasy animals; animals that could be genetically manipulated, part robot, part organic, how they would move in their environment and what they felt like to touch."

I do have to admit, this video is rather strange.

September 5, 2008

for my next birthday...

i would like my soiree in the celebration of my birth to be EXACTLY like this and everyone has to dress up.

and then end the night like this...

i will always love this movie and the french rococo style.

when we first met, i knew you had to be mine...

Gisele Ganne's divorce rings

"Mourning or memorial jewellery has been worn for centuries, especially during the Victorian era where funerals and the events attached to burying, immortalizing, and remembering the dead were of much importance. Common symbols used in mourning jewellery included forget-me-nots, flowers, hair of a loved one, hearts, crosses, ivy leaves, and more macabre symbols such as skulls, coffins and gravestones."

The divorce rings are a macabre take on the French tradition of the bride’s globe, an object usually given to a bride on her wedding day to hold her crown and bouquet.

Here is some more info from the designer:
"I refer to these and expound upon them, glamorizing death to the level of Haute Couture Catwalk. I refer as well to other old or ethnic customs such as the Andaman (it is a little community in Bengal where the widow takes the skull of their husband after the burial to wear it as a necklace), urban legends as the Black Widow who kills her husbands for their money and historical events such as crimes, serial killers, and suicides."

"But mourning is not just about dead people; it is also about dead relationships and decaying marriages. Today, 42% of marriages finish in divorce in the UK and 38% in France. My divorce jewellery refers to old and contemporary wedding customs to illustrate this sort of mourning. Being French, most of these customs come from France, such as the Bride Globe which is a present to the bride to put her bouquet and her crown after the wedding. All the decorations inside symbolize the union and give luck to the marriage. I use union and marriage symbols and subvert them to show the inevitability of the breakup, but also show that from these ashes may raise a new life.

The materials used are mainly leather, sequins, foam, human hair and silver. I am interested in the symbolic and mythical function associated with the materials I use. Through the mixture of these materials combined with the celebrities or models that will wear them, I aim to create a sort of pop voodoo, or decadent curse. And by wearing this jewelry we can morn the death of the celebrity icons we love as they pass on in the coming years.

In Victorian times, death provided an opportunity for people to display their anguish through various plumage and adornments. My intention is to come back to this spirit, to celebrate death and decay for the power that it holds over life. Imposing and visually heavy, my jewellery pieces symbolize the weight of death and act as a ‘Memento Mori’, reminding us that we all must die.

The next step of my work is to use some colors. Traditionally, in Western societies, wearing black was associated with mourning. The widow would dress in black for two years and the widower for one year. Today, we still wear black during the funeral but this tradition is not as strong as it was in the past. In our contemporary society everybody wears black and it is no longer a recognizable mark of mourning.

People wear color during mourning as well. In other cultures some colors are related to death and the mourning, for example in China where they wear red for the funeral. So my new collection will still be mourning jewellery but will be more colorful."
-Dezeen design magazine

oh salvador dali...

September 3, 2008

"the alphabet"

i remember watching this awhile ago and all i could think about was crawling into david lynch's head and see what goes on in there. this is rather bizarre to say the least, but mind boggling in how simply amazing it is.

(this is david lynch's second short film which was made in 1968.)