June 19, 2008

rule # "i don't know"

never talk or explain about the religion of laveyan satanism or theistic satanism with your fellow co workers or have them catch you looking up prices for the satanic bible on amazon. they will get weirded out and then you have to explain that you do not follow those practices nor worship satan, but you're just interested in all types of religion.

laveyan satanism does have some great points, but it's basically the philosophy of hedonism with the influence of nietzche and ayn rand.

graveyard girl

this reminds me of some late 80s/early 90s teen movie... or how i use to be in high school.

music by M83
directed by mathew frost

June 18, 2008

blue orchid

i will always love this white stripes video. perfection.
i might just buy those shoes for the hell of it and try to keep myself from twisting my ankle while climbing all over my bed.

June 1, 2008

my heart has been torn into two

Sigh, Yves Saint Laurent has passed away today.
One of the greatest in fashion who has done so much as as well as my favorite designer is now gone.
I'm actually rather upset by this.