February 19, 2008

last night's dream

i had a dream last night that i was living in a war zone and there was this girl that was dying and i told her everything will be alright... then she died in my arms. meanwhile, a man and a woman were flying around in a helicopter and a missle hit them and the helicopter went up in flames. their skin was melting off while they had huge smiles on their faces. the man turns to the woman and says "WE DID IT! YES! WE DID IT!" they soon crashed into a parade for the new president of the war zone land. back to me in this dream, i was lost in the hotel that everyone was seeking sheltering in. hundreds of doors to rooms that were never there on a long, never ending hallway. i didn't know what to do... all the doors were locked and the bombs were exploding closer and closer... fast forward to another part of my dream.... a woman gave birth to a giant red car that looked like the red car she loves to drive.

my dreams are always strange and sometimes too fucked up to even say a loud.

February 18, 2008

thinking out loud...

i need to stop worrying about every god damn thing. it's making me go crazy and i feel it's starting to ruin something that is one of the few things i care the most about. it's hard right now for me though. oh dear...

February 17, 2008

"dog" by suzie templeton

short animation film by suzie templeton about a young boy and his father grieving over the death of his mother/wife. the animation in this film is amazing, but the story its self is rather dark and gives off a creepy, uncomfortable feeling.

February 16, 2008

photo booth: boredom

the other day i accidently missed my art history class so i decided to waste my time with photo booth... hah.


....wow, i'm really funny.

klaus nomi

i just finished watching the documentary, "the nomi song" which is about klaus nomi during the 1980s new wave underground scene. after watching this film my interest in him turn into somewhat a love for him. he's amazing and so bizarre, but in a strange way somewhat beautiful. he truly is a being from another world and i kind of wish he was still around...

February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day!

this fucked up short called " valentine's day special" is by the same person who created salad fingers, david firth. enjoy...

black sheep & prodigal sons

pretty amazing jewelry by black sheep & prodigal sons for the people who have an expense, dark taste. looking at everything on that website makes me really want a gay sugar daddy...


(limited edition of 100 - golden cottonmouth bolo with gauze scarf - handcrafted 24k gold vermeil over solid bronze.)
price: $725 US


this one is ridiculously priced and the purpose is ridiculous as well, but hey... if you have the money, why not?
as for me, i rather just use a real human's jaw... joking.

(limited edition of 100 - golden tray for ashes or small valuables. though not just for the smoker, cigarettes fit neatly in teeth cavities and cigars behind molers or across mandibular notches. - handcrafted 24k gold vermeil over solid bronze jaw.)
price: $3,250 US


(handcrafted solid gold - available in 14k rose gold, 10k rose gold or yellow gold vermeil over solid sterling.)
price: $260 - $600 US


(1 7/8" by 7/8 inch scrimshaw on 1920's pre-ban vintage ivory piano key with sterling silver back, 18k rose gold rivet - 24 inch sterling chain with praying hands charm.)
price: $685 US

February 11, 2008



February 8, 2008

black sand dunes

tomorrow night i'll be sleeping in the desert, on top of a giant black sand dune, around a camp fire, drinking some wine.
during the day i'll be exploring couple million years old lava tubes.

(map by will... hahaha)

i'm not even joking about this. pictures of this will be posted next week.

February 7, 2008

fashion week

i would post an entry on this blog about fashion week and all the stuff i like/want, but once i start i just won't stop. plus, it would make me miss new york city if i talk about new york fashion week. well i'll be back to the east coast to visit sometime this mid-summer.

hm, maybe i'll post SOME of the designers that i like from fashion week. oh and f.y.i. i won't be caught dead going to los angeles fashion week, hahahaaaaa. (i just sounded like a total snob.)

February 6, 2008

shoes, shoes, shoes.

someone buy me these shoes... please, please, please!

(from gucci's 2008 spring/summer collection campaign.)

(studded "mad mary" christian louboutin heels.)

i'm sure they're not THAT expensive...
(actually it's $865 for the christian louboutin heels and i don't know how much the gucci ones are... hehe.)

sugarpaste icing sculptures

amazing sugarpaste icing sculptures by jodie carey.
would it be wrong to want something like that as my wedding cake? hah.

(untitled momument, 2007 - plaster, steel, wire, sugarpaste icing. approx 300cm x 180cm.)

(untitled Shield, 2007 - plaster, steel, wire, royal icing. approx 240cm x 120cm.)

(untitled installation, 2007 - lard, newspaper, blood, tea and coffee. 229cm x 106cm.)

(untitled chandeliers, 2006 - hoover dust, wire, glue. dimensions variable, approx 10ft x 4t.)

February 5, 2008


oh my god... watch the whole video. it's way too funny.

60s anti pornography propaganda

i find this to be entertaining and ridiculous.
oh propaganda of the 60s, you make me laugh every time.

i'm all for porn. it keeps everyone happy and entertained.

"India's booming kidney racket"

why illegal kidney transplants are big business in India.
read the article here
(it sounds like one of those urban legends... ha.)

February 4, 2008

your captain speaking...

married to the sea always cheers me up.

"70 o'clock bike ride"

not so flattering photos of myself, but they are kind of funny.
polaroids by will on our bike ride through santa monica and venice.

ron pippin

one of my favorite mix media artists of today's time has to be ron pippin.
"motivated by experiences in his early life, the artist still feels the need to keep digging into the "dark material" that lies within all of us in order to reach a condition of clarity and light. he describes his work as "visual prayers" that aim for healing and "grace." his art draws on religious and mystical impulses without belonging to any church or sect. pippin feels compelled to elaborate the universe he has created by constantly making new figures to populate it."

("archangel the second" (2007), found objects, hand painted, aluminum wings with wood)

(duck skull alchemy box (2003)- skeleton parts, found objects)

("deer with piano keys" (2003) taxidermy form, hand painted wood, piano key apparatus)

("archive box 1" (1998) )

you can check out more of his stuff on his website at www.ronpippin.com


this is a short film called "black" which is created by saiman chow for the adicolor podcast series.
"this piece is the story of a demented, loveless panda told in three scenes each more astonishing than the previous. the stop motion animation is appropriately shown in black and white and features a beautiful array of patterns, textures and illustrations, some even sadistically reminiscent of sesame street."

February 3, 2008


a tim burton classic from around 1982. you would think disney would not release something like this, but yes they actually did and vincent price was the narrator of this morbid little short film. enjoy.