February 19, 2008

last night's dream

i had a dream last night that i was living in a war zone and there was this girl that was dying and i told her everything will be alright... then she died in my arms. meanwhile, a man and a woman were flying around in a helicopter and a missle hit them and the helicopter went up in flames. their skin was melting off while they had huge smiles on their faces. the man turns to the woman and says "WE DID IT! YES! WE DID IT!" they soon crashed into a parade for the new president of the war zone land. back to me in this dream, i was lost in the hotel that everyone was seeking sheltering in. hundreds of doors to rooms that were never there on a long, never ending hallway. i didn't know what to do... all the doors were locked and the bombs were exploding closer and closer... fast forward to another part of my dream.... a woman gave birth to a giant red car that looked like the red car she loves to drive.

my dreams are always strange and sometimes too fucked up to even say a loud.

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Lisa said...

i like how u have suicide on ur playlist!