May 30, 2011

Royal T

Stuck in my head from last night with Michael V.

Lolita Book Covers

1957 DK Hans Reitzel, Copenhagen

1958 NL Oisterwijk, The Hague

1959 BRD Rowohlt, Hamburg

1962 BRA Boa Leitura, Sao Paulo

1964 US LP Spoken Arts, New York

1965 SV Aldus-Bonnier (Delfinbok), Stockholm

1969 GB Transworld (Corgi), London

1973 UK Transworld (Corgi Books), London

1994 BRA Companhia das Letras, São Paulo

1995 FR Gallimard (folio), Paris

2005 CHI Yiwen Press, Shanghai

2005 FR Gallimard (folio), Paris

2006 GB Penguin (Red Classics), London

La Tarente

Editions De La Tarente; 1950's French pulp fiction book covers

May 23, 2011

Paper Dancer

Photograph by Cecil Beaton

Paper Wigs

"The Bay Holiday Windows"
Paper wigs handmade by Nikki Salk & Amy Flurry at

Black Eyed Susan (2010)

Prosper Mérimée’s Carmen

A Beardsley derivations in the form of some illustrations by Hans Henning Voigt (1887–1969), better known as Alastair. An artist who more than anyone carried the Beardsley style and the fin de siècle ethos into the 20th century.

These illustrations here are a selection of the twelve pieces for a 1920 edition of Prosper Mérimée’s Carmen, the novel upon which Bizet based his opera.

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A Modern Life