May 22, 2011

Style Inspiration & My Style Icon: Gitte Lee

A former model, consort of the most famous Count Dracula in film, and a fellow Aries - the timeless and elegant, Lady Birgit Lee (Gitte Lee for short). Her signature style and presence will always be an inspiration - her red ruby lips, dramatic sunglasses, turbans, and her fabulous classic clothing that accentuates her slender shape and frames her strong features, while being utterly comfortable. This is what I shall look like in my 70s.

"Not only are positive and beautiful images of older men and women who are aging gracefully and living life the to the fullest inspirational, but they give people of all generations something to aspire to. A picture of an elegant older lady in an ad campaign adds an element of history, quality, timelessness, and it tells a story." -Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style

Vogue Italia shot by Tim Walker

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