February 4, 2008

ron pippin

one of my favorite mix media artists of today's time has to be ron pippin.
"motivated by experiences in his early life, the artist still feels the need to keep digging into the "dark material" that lies within all of us in order to reach a condition of clarity and light. he describes his work as "visual prayers" that aim for healing and "grace." his art draws on religious and mystical impulses without belonging to any church or sect. pippin feels compelled to elaborate the universe he has created by constantly making new figures to populate it."

("archangel the second" (2007), found objects, hand painted, aluminum wings with wood)

(duck skull alchemy box (2003)- skeleton parts, found objects)

("deer with piano keys" (2003) taxidermy form, hand painted wood, piano key apparatus)

("archive box 1" (1998) )

you can check out more of his stuff on his website at www.ronpippin.com


mxttcxsxx said...

hey sasha it's matt casey what upppp

sashabones said...

hey there!