February 14, 2008

black sheep & prodigal sons

pretty amazing jewelry by black sheep & prodigal sons for the people who have an expense, dark taste. looking at everything on that website makes me really want a gay sugar daddy...


(limited edition of 100 - golden cottonmouth bolo with gauze scarf - handcrafted 24k gold vermeil over solid bronze.)
price: $725 US


this one is ridiculously priced and the purpose is ridiculous as well, but hey... if you have the money, why not?
as for me, i rather just use a real human's jaw... joking.

(limited edition of 100 - golden tray for ashes or small valuables. though not just for the smoker, cigarettes fit neatly in teeth cavities and cigars behind molers or across mandibular notches. - handcrafted 24k gold vermeil over solid bronze jaw.)
price: $3,250 US


(handcrafted solid gold - available in 14k rose gold, 10k rose gold or yellow gold vermeil over solid sterling.)
price: $260 - $600 US


(1 7/8" by 7/8 inch scrimshaw on 1920's pre-ban vintage ivory piano key with sterling silver back, 18k rose gold rivet - 24 inch sterling chain with praying hands charm.)
price: $685 US

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