April 24, 2009

Chris Holmes' dj set for Paul McCartney at Coachella!

I only could find this one video on youtube of Chris doing his dj set before Paul McCartney at Coachella. I'm pretty sure there's other videos floating around on the internet of Chris' entire dj set.

(I really love what the info says for this video; "A guru DJ spinning Beatles covers makes way for the arrival on stage of Paul McCartney.")

I'll post more videos of Paul McCartney's performance that I took from the side stage as well as Coachella pictures. That reminds me, I need to get my photos developed soon! ...I used 120mm film, so I'm hoping they all turned out amazing.

You can check out pictures and more videos of Paul McCartney's show, Coachella, and even download Chris' dj set on Chris' blog at ashtar-command.com

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