November 23, 2009

Royal Heads

(Click to enlarge photos)

Pilgrimage to Cythera, Antoine Watteau. 1718.

Portrait of a lady, said to be Marie-Madeleine Guimard, called Mademoiselle Guimard, ballerina of the Paris Opéra, Jean-Frederic Schall. c. 1780.

Portrait of Mrs. James Denham, Sir Thomas Lawrence. 1789.

Marie Antoinette, Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun. 1783.

Madame de Pompadour, François Boucher. 1759.

La Toilette, François Boucher. 1742.


Anna Sutton said...

I love the photo shoot - the editorial. What mag/issue is that from? Who is the photographer? I must know, it's just amazing. Thanks.

Kelly D, said...

Such a wonderful post and I have stumbled upon it!! Me too, I really need to know more information on the editorial!Please be kind and let me know! ;)