January 12, 2010

Saturn Turns Retrograde -- Make Plans!

Saturn turns retrograde on January 13 and all of us will feel the energy of Saturn retrograde in Libra in one way or another. Saturn is charged with the duty of teaching us our lessons in life -- giving us the ability to grow and persevere, granting us the will to succeed and the strength to accomplish the tasks at hand. As we learn, we are rewarded by Saturn when the lesson or job is done.

The energy of Saturn retrograde is a fairly powerful force. This is an excellent time to grasp that retrograde energy, to bring projects to completion, and to let go of old problems and issues. By letting go of self-limitations, the future becomes more exciting and clear.

While this may not be the best time to launch new projects, it is a fabulous time to start working on those plans -- particularly because of the Libra energy entwined in this retrograde. The plans you make now, if the foundation you have built is solid, will most likely begin to manifest when Saturn goes direct on May 30, 2010.

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