March 12, 2010

Belladonna of Sadness (10/13)

The film follows the story of Jeanne, a peasant woman who is raped which leads to her being accused of witchcraft.


"It was a venomous-colored flower.
Having drunk the juice of it, my wife, suffering in hard labor, fully....
Oh, as I recall, belladonna, beautiful woman.
It's the name of the flower, said Jeanne, Yeah.

Having more children causes us to go on the rocks.
But my husband, holding out every night, looked very painful and
I also felt sorry for it.

So, I went to Jeanne to ask the way that
even if we two went to bed together,
but it never caused having a baby, yeah.
I am mentally prepared to be punished by God.
I know it deserves dread sin.
However, we thought it would be better to be punished than to be painful life, yeah.

Since then, we've been happy.
Even if we're punished, we'd have no regrets.

I wanted to see my grandchild again who had died in war.
It is said of Jeanne that she could raise the dead to life, Yeah.

Jeanne who was listening to me had shed many tears.
She served me a cigar and liquor like red blood.

Then, The dead grandchild had come out?

Can you hear his voice?
Then, it's a fraud, isn't it? It's a trick!

I prayed, crying, with prostration.
My body was burning like flame,
I think that it might have been a dream.
When I have the courage to glance up...
What occured?
It looked like hell was crying out,
for my grandchild.

Have you been satisfied just that?
Yes. I've been happy.

Oh, it's a scary, a rebellion against God.
Miload, it's a rebellion against you.
Catch her as soon as possible and fagot.
But the way to wilderness is narrow and steep.
And people are on Jeanne's side.
She would run away before an army could arrive there.

Who are the master of this country? You or..
They will have to open themselves up in the near future.
We should exploit the gap. Leave it to me!

What is it with you, sweet boy?
Wanna be in my arms?
Jeanne, don't you know me?
I'm a page of Milady hating you.
So, I also have hated you.
At that time, the first, who shredded your clothes, was me.

And then? Dear page boy.
That's because I love Milady.
You've come to kill me?
Help me, Jeanne.
Make my wish come true, please.
But I'm a humble page.
She doesn't even look at me.
So what's the difference in social standing?

God placed us in each different position.
To try to pass over it, is a rebellion against God.
It's a devil's action.
But, I would sell devil my body to accomplish my aspiration.
All right.
Nasty! Witch!
OK. I'll help you."

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