September 8, 2009


A film taken place in Enugu, Nigeria, Pieter Hugo documents it by taking photos of the characters. When I first saw these photos it reminded me that I do have a darker side that I must bring out of dormancy and embrace once again. Also, it reminds me of the Resident Evil 5 game, but when you watch the video about the film it shows a totally different side.

"A compelling look at the third largest movie industry in the world - in the heart of Africa. Nollywood Babylon is a feature documentary about the explosive popularity of Nigeria's movie industry. The film drops viewers into the chaos of Lagos' Idumota market. Here, among the bustling stalls, films are sold and unlikely stars are born. Unfazed by low budgets, enterprising filmmakers create a brash, inventive and wildly popular form of B-Movie that has Nigerians Nollywood-obsessed. In these films, voodoo and magic infuse urban stories, reflecting the collision of traditional mysticism and modern culture that Nigerians experience every day. Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal, present an electric vision of a modern African metropolis and a revealing look at the powerhouse that is Nigerian cinema." -NFB

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