September 25, 2009

Pegan Poetry

Perhaps one of my favorite songs and music videos of Bjork's. I love how simple yet beautiful the video looks, especially towards the end with her dressed in nothing but pearls. There's a sense of purity even though the video itself is rather sexual.

"The music video for "Pagan Poetry", directed by Nick Knight, which as stated on its making of page "is about a woman preparing herself for marriage and for her lover". It was also one of Björk's most controversial. It featured Björk in a dress designed by Alexander McQueen, covering only the lower portion of her body. The upper portion of the dress seems to be pearls laced through her skin. The video also included heavily distorted, close-up sequences of Björk and her partner Matthew Barney engaging in sexual intercourse and fellatio, which were shot by Björk per request of the director. The video also features a graphic display of body piercing, including a corset piercing on a model's back. The video was banned by MTV in the United States, but was eventually shown in unedited form on MTV2 in a presentation of the '20 Most Controversial Music Videos'."

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