May 11, 2010

Mercury FINALLY Turns Direct Again

Mercury, the planet of communications, goes direct in Taurus on May 11 after being retrograde for three weeks, and our forward momentum is once again restored.

Mercury retrograde periods should be considered as times of preparation, a time when delays in the outside world give us an opportunity for deeper thinking. You will now be able to give form and structure to ideas and plans and thoughts that you might have been mulling over recently. And now is the time to act on these!

It may be as simple as reaching out through an email or a phone call; Mercury direct will give you a noticeable nudge. Since Mercury is in earthy and practical Taurus it may have also spurred you on to tackle more down-to-earth matters that may have been pushed aside. The time may be right for you to see through the forest of possibilities and make important choices. Your judgement should be sound and you may be more practical and realistic, fully aware that good planning is behind every success. However, a word of caution -- Taurus hides what it does not want you to see -- make sure you do not have blinkers on. Remember there are more things on Heaven and Earth than you can see, feel, touch and smell. Let your imagination fly.

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