May 13, 2010

New Moon in Taurus: Lay Out Your Plans

On May 14, the tactile, indulgent Taurus Moon aligns with the placid, earthy Taurus Sun giving us a New Moon for the month.

In astrology, the Moon plays as important a part as the Sun. It is the Earth’s companion satellite and it is large enough to be responsible for stabilizing the Earth’s orbit and producing the regular ebb and flow of the tides. The Moon changes zodiac signs approximately every two and a half days, and completes its orbit around the Earth approximately 29 days – from new Moon to new Moon – the beginning of the Lunar month.

Each phase of the Moon is associated with a particular power or purpose. The New Moon is a time to begin new things, to be spontaneous and to sow the seeds of whatever you want to bear fruit in the weeks and months to come. Although there is nothing spectacular about the New Moon, it is just a faint sliver of light in the night sky, the crescent moon phase is an information-gathering phase, and a time to implement initial plans. It is vital that we put our hearts and minds behind this idea, so all our energy is pulling in the same positive direction for the new idea to really start taking root. You can plan for an emotional new beginning during a new Moon or target this time as the time to start a new project. Although there is a New Moon every twenty eight days, each new Moon has a different energy and its own promise for the year ahead.

A New Moon in Taurus calls for tangible results for our hopes and dreams, so take your time planning your actions. The best activities for a Taurus New Moon could be financial activities, applying for a loan, starting a long-term relationship, planning a home decoration project. Make sure your resolution gives you enough time to pamper yourself and spending time with loved ones.

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