June 1, 2010

June Astrology Forecast

As we swing into summer in the northern hemisphere and winter approaches in the countries south of the equator, the June astrological sky is a busy one. The chatty, restless, multi-tasking Gemini Sun is around for the first three weeks so there’s not a moment to spare or the slightest chance of boredom. The conversation will be lively, varied and not too intense.

Some of us might get the odd sinking moment as watery Neptune undermines Mars’ forward gear in opposition on June 4, but that is only a blip of uncertainty. Expansive, confident Jupiter then dances into Aries on June 5-6 to join adventurous Uranus which moved in late May. They'll join hands in a conjunction on June 8 to produce a mood of high excitement and great relief. Jupiter and Uranus joining hands will bring sudden surprises of the positive variety which may get rid of tensions and put smiles on faces. Jupiter will continue in upbeat and wildly enthusiastic mood all month. It will be so much easier to be upfront about what you want since Aries is never backwards about coming forward to speak its mind.

Admittedly Mars does move into hard-working Virgo on June 7 for a few weeks which will keep career matters firmly in the foreground. But with such high spirits around nothing will seem like a chore. And with affectionate Venus in party loving Leo after mid-month there will be rather glitzy social occasions to add yet more sparkle.

The planets, however, move into a more complicated pattern around the middle of the month. A rather discouraging Saturn square Sun (90 degrees) on the 19th is followed by lack lustre Sun Neptune trine (120 degrees). But it is what comes next that will be interesting though challenging. Just as we celebrate the Summer Solstice, the Cancer Sun is in a rebellious square to Uranus from June 21, then a lucky and over-confident square to Jupiter and then in a powerful opposition (180 degrees) to Pluto. And all in the span of four days! This could be a time for lucky breaks, though it will also involve a fair amount of pressure. Events will happen suddenly which require determined handling. There will be good luck as well as some stress.

As if that were not enough there is a Lunar Eclipse on June 26, which is a powerful Full Moon. Eclipses always bring a sense of heightened anticipation. This one will challenge you to re-balance your life. Be warned - there will be no time to think - the choices are either this or that. Some of us may have to find a way to balance contradictory demands. But if you get it right then it'll keep you on an even keel in the months ahead.

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