June 3, 2010

Mars Opposite Neptune: Savor Some Downtime

The planet Mars, which has been in fiery Leo for an exceptionally long time (since last October), makes one final aspect on June 4 as it opposes (180 degrees) Neptune across the zodiac. These are entirely different energies. Mars is assertive, go-ahead, energetic and decisive. Whereas Neptune is vague, dreamy, and lack-lustre, with a can’t be bothered attitude. This is an odd combination.

Neptune is the oceanic watery planet so you may feel as if your will-power and motivation are being dissolved. Nothing feels as if it is going to plan. You may even smell failure in the air. Don't panic even if you feel slightly paralyzed. There's a way of turning this pause to your advantage.

If your physical energy is low, then sit down. Use the time to think. Mars and Neptune aspects can bring inspirations. It will also point out where you haven't thought things through well enough so you can remedy that. Mars has a habit especially in a fire sign of going full steam ahead but isn't always good about allowing you to recharge your batteries. Savor some down time with this transit.

The positive side of Mars, Neptune can bring glamour even publicity your way. There's a show biz feel to it with Neptune bringing dreams to life, with Mars powering up your motor.

Just take it steady until Mars moves into earthy Virgo on June 6. That's when you get real, get focused on details and really start shifting projects in the right direction. Maybe you will also imagine no one can do anything as well as you, so you will get impatient at other people's mistakes and dithering. Maybe this is the time to become more independent. Do your own thing and take pride in a job well done.

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