April 30, 2008

Burning on the stake for this...

To be honest, I'm hard to impress. Most people these days seem so unoriginal and rather disappointing. This isn't a recent discovery, for I knew this for a long time. It's just that I finally snapped and I'm voicing my opinion about this topic.

In our society, which greatly lacks originality, people are obsessed with celebrity gossip, reality shows, self appearance, superficiality, and the list goes on. Heck! No one seems to know any fine literature! What has happened to us? Where are the geniuses, the artists, the PEOPLE WITH ORIGINALITY, the people with BRAINS AND IDEAS?

Well, the world is coming to an end for no one has any real original ideas anymore. All the brilliant people are dead and the ones that are left will soon die off and for good intentions. For our society is full of shit and the people in it are rather disappointing.

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