April 22, 2008

flash back

why am i so into 90s music recently? ...actually all the time?
i can't believe these song are like 12 years old.
c. 1995-1996

"ladykiller" by lush

"connection" by elastica

"i'm only happy when it rains" by garbage

"tesko suicide" by sneaker pimps

i was such a cool, hip little girl back then; wearing my combat boots, with temporary blue hair dye streaked into my hair and dancing around to this in my room... HAH.
i think i was cooler then, than i am now.

oh yeah and i can't forget about this.... oh lordy, that started a whole goth phase.

"the beautiful people" by marilyn manson

1 comment:

stcolapop said...

because the 90's rock! face it..clueless/jawbreaker,heathers THE CRAFT! way better than mean girls.