May 2, 2009

Baumhauser from Baumraum | The Modern Tree House

How I wish I could have one of these up in a tree so high off the ground, away from everyone and everything. I won't want to live in one, but to have a place like that in a flourishing forest of oak trees just to get away and to be alone is rather ideal for me. I'm sure to have a private and secluded place will spark my creativity once more as well as be a perfect place for mediation.

"German company Baumraum has taken the concept of the treehouse and literally launched it sky high. A collaborative effort between “an architect, a landscape architect, an arbologist, and a craftsman”, the foursome design natural, modern bespoke treehouses for couples named Annika and Christophe and others. Treehouses can be built in virtually any tree or trees, to any given specification – horizontal, upright, two storey, interconnected – with ropes and stilts often employed to guarantee stability. Built predominantly from larch and Douglas pine, the designers are happy to experiment with stainless steel, textiles and other materials to create truly unique spaces. The pieces are prefabricated and then brought together on site.

What’s more “treespaces can be outfitted with sitting and sleeping benches, storage spaces, a mini-kitchen, heating, glass windows, lighting, as well as a sound system for multimedia”, turning your treehouse into a fully functioning pad. So back to the houseguests, while treehouse maybe an open invitation to any for any teenager to come and stay for an extended period of time, it will at least deter vertigo-ridden great aunts. You win some, you lose some." -

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