May 9, 2009

Voodoo Candles

Whenever I'm bored, especially whenever I visit my parents back on the east coast, I start trying to expand my knowledge on things that interest me. For example the religion of Voodoo. I have always known about it and have studied it. I highly suggest not to play around with it, because once you believe in it things do happen. I would never practice voodoo since nothing really good comes out it and/or it's a waste of time.

Today I decided to refresh my knowledge on it and perhaps learn something new about it. To humor myself I checked online to see what people were posting about voodoo these days and what they're trying to get cash from. And I do have to say, it is pretty ridiculous and quite humorous.

Folks, for just around $15 you can buy a "homosexual candle" that can "bring in a gay lover" or a "black cross candle" that is used in "powerful black magic rites and to cruse or kill someone". Honestly, I think the black cross candle is the worse way for bad karma to come back at you and slap you right up on the head. Also, you apparently can't control free will. So the love spells would never work.

A word from the "Voodoo DePrince"! "Please Note: Not all candles that claim to be "Voodoo candles by others are not real Voodoo candles. All of DePrince special candles are "hand fix" with special Voodoo oils, powders and herbs. All you have to do is to burn them and read the special words that come with them. Each candle is fix and rub next to spirit post in my temple according to Voodoo Lore for stronger powers."

You can also make an online request for Dr. Thessalonia DePrince to do "your special voodoo magic altar request"! Oh wow! $10 per week for "voodoo magic candle work" or $35 per month! Remember, they only take Visa or MasterCard.

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